Intellectual Property Rights

Last Update 22-02-2021

In the event of any concerns or complaints about possible violation of intellectual property rights, please send us an email at , identifying with specificity the rights alleged to be violated and the accused product(s).

(This email address is just for intellectual property rights and legal issues. Other requests may not get respondence.)


Intellectual Property Rights of my Work


You buy authentic work and unique artwork  by visiting my website .

My work is registered, I date and time stamp my intellectual property and I can show exactly when I have sent it , as well as assigning it a unique reference number, proving that my work was in existence at this time and was received by you.

The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) provide a good summary of its 3 basic principle (as shown below). All countries who sign up this treaty will be expected to abide by these important basic principles ( Source : WIPO ) :

(a) Works originating in one of the Contracting States (that is, works the author of which is a national of such a State or works first published in such a State) must be given the same protection in each of the other  Contracting States as the latter grants to the works of its own nationals (principle of "national treatment") .

(b) Protection must not be conditional upon compliance with any formality (principle of "automatic" protection)

(c) Protection is independent of the existence of protection in the country of origin of the work (principle of "independence" of protection). If, however, a Contracting State provides for a longer term of protection than the minimum prescribed by the Convention and the work ceases to be protected in the country of origin, protection may be denied once protection in the country of origin ceases.

Here is an up-to-date list from the WIPO of 177 countries who have signed it. It includes most of the world's countries.

A useful summary list of additional international copyright related treaties and conventions can be found here.